Best or Toughest Book of Physics for JEE Aspirants

Few days back I received a mail from my blog reader asking "What's the best or Toughest book for Physics?". He contacted me through Contact Us page of this blog.
I replied him as soon as possible. Now I'm sharing the same in this post so that everyone can read it here.

Hello Akash!
Glad to see your message here. 'Best' and 'toughest ' are two entirely different terms. Best book needs not to be toughest in my opinion. It depends upon the required level. For high school purpose NCERT books are more than sufficient.

Download NCERT Class 11th Physics Solutions PDF.
Download NCERT Class 12th Physics Solutions PDF.

For engineering entrance purpose Concepts of Physics by HCV book is considered good. Concepts of Physics book has 2 volumes.

Download Concepts of Physics Volume 1 eBook PDF | Solutions PDF
Download Concepts of Physics Volume 2 eBook PDF | Solutions PDF

If you are OK with foreigner authors then Resnick Halliday is one of the best physics book for JEE entrances.
Download Resnick Halliday eBook PDF | Solutions PDF

I have read one interview of HCV, where he said that he used to enjoy Resnick Halliday book during his high school. He appreciated the same book, but later he thought that not many students across india enjoy books from foreigner authors, that's why he decided to write a book for indians. As a result COP by him has helped lacks of indian students. So both of these books are recommended for learning physics Concepts.

Now let's talk about tough or bit difficult book to solve. If you are planning to teach in some coaching, and therefore you want to gain some mastery in the physics, then you should try the numericals in IRODOV book. This book is divided into six parts. It has a preface at the beginning and chapter-wise answers and solutions at the end. The best-covered topics are Basis of Vector, Trigonometry, and Calculus. But it requires a clear understanding of physics concepts and can be very time-consuming. So, though it is one of the best reference books, it is advised to read only in your free time as an extra resource. This book should be tried only after you have learnt Concepts already. So first learn concepts from some standard physics books like NCERT, CoP by HCV, Rasnick Halliday and then enhance your knowledge by practicing problems from IRODOV. Obviously you are going to find this IRODOV book tougher than all other mentioned. But it will help you to let you check which Concepts need to be learnt yet.

I hope it helps. I am not in a position to comment about Mathematics and chemistry.

Thanks. Keep Visiting.

I request all the readers to share their opinion regarding this in comments section.
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